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5 Reasons to Choose Scenic for Your Next River Cruise

Congratulations on taking the first step and deciding to take a river cruise!

Now what?

Now you have two (only two?!) more decisions ahead of you:

  • Which river to sail first

  • Which cruise line to sail with

Generally speaking, most of the cruise companies sail most of the rivers of Europe, with a few exceptions, but choosing a cruise line is a more personal choice.

Scenic Diamond in Bordueax
Scenic Diamond in Bordeaux. Image courtesy of Scenic

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Scenic.

1. There's a belief that river cruising is an all-inclusive experience, at least more so than ocean cruising. This is somewhat true. For the most part, all your meals, drinks, and excursions are included (again, with exceptions). Scenic is one of the very few truly all-inclusive river cruise companies. Scenic includes all beverages, all the time; all excursions – as many as you can possibly take; Wi-Fi, and gratuities. Their mantra is you won’t need to take your credit card out again while you’re on board.

2. The Scenic Sun Lounge. Most river cruise lines have a signature element to their ships that make them uniquely theirs. Scenic’s is the Sun Lounge. With a touch of a button, your window transforms seamlessly into a magnificent open-air balcony and sun lounge.

3. Scenic TailorMade app. While the sound of unlimited excursions sounds appealing, sometimes you just want to go off on your own and do your own thing. Scenic makes this easy by offering the TailorMade app which you download right to your phone and becomes your personal hand-held tour guide. Take your own private tour through the town or use it in combination with their e-bikes.

Use your TailorMade app and conduct your own bike tour. Image courtesy of Scenic

4. Butler service in every room. A butler is so much more than your room attendant. Want tickets to a special event in town, limousine service to a fancy restaurant, or a late-night snack? Your personal butler is at your service.

Scenic river Cruises butler service
Butler service in every suite. Image courtesy of Scenic

5. Exclusive National Geographic partnership. Each National Geographic sponsored cruise will have dedicated specialists on board who will share their unique knowledge and insights through their guest lectures. And, of course, no trip is complete without a dedicated National Geographic photographer at hand to provide you with expertise to help you capture the perfect shot. The partnership with National Geographic is available on most European rivers as well as Russia. You can see more on the National Geographic voyages with their online brochure.

If you want to read more about everything Scenic has to offer – from river cruises to ocean cruises and tours, check out their newly created digital magazine The Scenic Route.

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