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You are already busy enough and don’t have the bandwidth to plan operation 25th anniversary or senior graduation trip.  Sure, it’s nice to browse Pinterest and pin all of these amazing vacation ideas, but who actually has time to make it all a reality?

I do! 

Let me be your Personal Vacation Genie.

Here are 5 Easy steps to planning the perfect trip:
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Let’s schedule some time to talk.  I want to get to know you and your travel style.  What is the purpose of the trip?  What do you want to see and do – and how do you want to do it?

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Based on your feedback, I will design and present you an itinerary.  The itinerary will cover every aspect of your trip from flights to transfers, accommodations, maybe a cruise, as well as tours and activities.  Once you are completely satisfied with the itinerary we move on to the next step.

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Once you are happy and it all looks perfect, I will start to reserve all of the services.





Go have fun and enjoy yourselves

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We will reconnect once you are safely back home (and recovered from jetlag!). 

I want to hear all about it. And don’t forget the photos!


Are you ready?

A Word About Fees


Planning a trip takes time, you already know this.

That’s why you’ve come to me.

You don’t want to waste your time and neither do I. 


And, you certainly don’t want it “thrown together” like a last minute load of mixed-colored laundry. 


Some types of vacations require hours of research and planning to make it absolutely unforgettable. 


While I do my best to minimize fees, sometimes it is essential, and I sincerely hope you respect my time, as much as I respect yours. 

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Fee schedule

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Cruise (including any ancillary services such as air, hotels,
and pre/post-cruise packages) booked with cruise line.      

No fee

Cruise cancellation fee*

$100 per cabin


Airfare (booked with 3rd party)

$50 per person

Hotel (booked with 3rd party)

$50 per room


Complex customized itinerary with more than 3 Components:

$350 flat fee per couple/family


*Purchasing insurance will protect you from the cruise lines cancellations fees, this is my fee for submitting the paperwork to process the refund.

Ready to get away?

Schedule a FREE consultation now!

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